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Our Goals

We have two ultimate goals, and two immediate goals to share. 

1.   The key to create, transform or explode performance is the mastery of the laws that govern goal setting and implementation.

Our first long-term goal is to help you master the art of setting goals by their immutable natural laws.  To do this, you have to know, master, and live by a set of vital, definitive concepts.  These concepts function as a type of alphabet, with which you can correctly write the words and phrases of goal setting and performance; and without which goals cannot be set correctly.  When set wrongly, poor and incorrect goals inevitably result in unbreakable performance limitations and incurable weaknesses.  When your goals are set properly, in concert with solid execution, your performance will rise and grow with the same inevitability.  Rightly set goals, together with the proper method of implementation, enable the cure and empower the correction of all things that hold you back.

2.   Our second long-term goal is nothing less than to help you master the art of perfect performance itself.

Please, however, do not use the normal definition of the word “perfect? in thinking about our second goal.  To demonstrate our use of the word “perfect?, please consider these examples:

Picture the very first time a baby sits up.  He’ll surely struggle because his head is so large and heavy and his neck muscles are so small and weak.  Yet, from our point of view, this is indeed a completely perfect act. 

Learning to crawl is another example of perfection. Crawling is the foundation upon which we build every physical act of balance and coordination in later life.  Sometimes a baby can crawl even faster than his mother can walk so she has to run to catch up!
The very best examples are walking and running.  At first, the toddler falls and trips constantly.  His body hasn’t learned anything about momentum, and also has much to learn yet about balance.  Finally, he learns to run without falling.  Running at full speed, he can start and stop, turn and curve, with no thought at all.  Our child now runs PERFECTLY!  Applied to the adult world of work, it is this kind of perfection we’re referring to when we state that our goal is to serve your personal path to performance perfection.

Our applied definition of performance perfection calls for just these four components:

•       Goals set by absolute, unarguable necessity and,
•       Predictably hit by successive deadlines,
•       With driving, unbreakable rhythm…
•       Goals that when missed are always deeply analyzed for powerful, pragmatic lessons.

3.   Our first short-term, immediate goal is to enable you to get started using the natural laws of goal setting that we have discovered.  Allow us to explain what we mean.  To help you follow our point, consider these two number lines…

Positive Number Line:

0 …  1 …  2 …  3 …  4 …  5 …  6 …  and so on …

Now, go a step further with us, and see if you can’t crack the easy code on the following number line…

Encoded Number Line:

) …   ! ...   @ ...  # ...   $ ...  % ...  ^ …  and so on …

Do you see the easy code, yet?  If not, look around your desk and see if you can’t find a ready clue.

The answer is…

…the symbols in the encoded number line are the same keys from zero to six.  Hold down the SHIFT button on the computer’s keyboard when typing the numbers and you encode the numbers.

Why do we share this example?  To demonstrate that numbers could actually be any symbol, letter or word, and they would still be exactly the same number system, regardless.  Instead of saying “one,? “two,? “three,? we could easily say “uno,? “dos,? “tres,? and obviously it means exactly the same thing, just in Spanish. 

This brings us a bit closer to our challenge for you. By any name, numbers aren’t just numbers; they’re legally bound to each other by the laws of mathematics.
What if you tried to build your own number system from scratch (and then you’d have your own personal mathematics!), but decided to have absolutely nothing in place of the number 4?  What would happen?  The answer is quite simply that you can’t do it.  Every number system that functions, that does not contradict itself, will always have some number in the spot for 4, as it will for every other number.  You can’t build a number system where you get to skip numbers.  By any method of labeling, the number system will still be the same.  No matter what name or symbol you use to express your numbers, you’ll still need something to stand in the “5 spot? to follow the “4 position? and to precede your version of “6.?  That is how natural laws behave.  Try as you will to get around them, they show right back up again and force you to face the law itself, or face the consequences of the law.  There’s no escape.

This, we believe, is precisely how important the logical concepts we’ve discovered are.  We believe you will find that you cannot disagree with them, as they are all absolutely necessary.  You’ll also find that they are in the correct order, just like a number line, and that none can be skipped. If you skip a single concept, or are weak in any one of the seven laws, your goals will be weak and your performance will directly suffer as an inexorable natural result.  We put these concepts forward as indisputable, and we believe that upon conclusion of your study of them, you will agree with us that they are indeed correct; critically important; unarguable; truly fundamental. 

We do understand that this is a stunningly bold claim. We believe that our seven concepts indeed rise to the state of being natural laws. They are inescapably necessary for proper goal setting. 

If you agree with our method, point by point, and if you work to execute your own goal setting and performance by these laws, you will ultimately unleash power for learning and performance as never before. 

The effect may not be instantaneous, however, for a simple reason.  You will have to go through multiple passes, learning from failures before your learning will break through and empower your new performance achievements. This is a fundamental component of our method.

Fast or slow, your transformation will be certain and sure, as long as you work by the laws of our method. 

Our seven laws are presented in the tab called
The Scopelliti Line™.  There, you’ll find a PowerPoint presentation with the individual laws laid out in their necessary sequence.  You’ll also find a 1-page outline, a 3-page abstract, and, if you want the full story, a 16-page article as well.  Although it was designed as a second stage of study, there is a small article on our definitions and the structure of our line that you can study any time you wish. Last, you’ll find a single page meditation on our single most important concept of all for goal setting, Necessity.

4.   Our second immediate goal (and the last of the four goals we hold) is the most important.  We hope to learn who you are, truly.  We hope you’ll make contact with us, and tell us where you’ve been, where you’re going and how you plan to get there?  You see, setting goals and performing is actually the story of your life.  The right way for you to think about yourself is as the hero of a blockbuster movie, or a great novel.  Our purpose, in hoping to persuade you of the power of our methods, is not merely because we know they’re right.  Far more important, we know what they can do for you.  There are no stories, not any we know, without challenges and hurdles.  You have faced gigantic obstacles already, and you can only guess at what problems and evil forces you have yet to face on your path to building the dream for your life.  All of this is more than your story.  It is actually who you are.

So, if you’re intrigued, and certainly if you’ve studied our laws and are persuaded, please take the next step now and go to the
“Who Are You? We really want to know…? section and get started.  The journey awaits you! 

Thanks to Skip Freeman for his recommendation that we declare our goals here.

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