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who are you?

We really do want to get to know you. Here at LockOnReport.com we truly care about your story. And not just what’s happened so far, although that is very important indeed. We want to peak into your future, too. And, we need to fully understand what stage your story is at, right now. That’s why you may find us somewhat bold when it comes to the questions we’re about to ask you. Of course we respect your right to privacy. We pledge 100% confidentiality, of that you may rest assured! However, really getting to know each other requires that we probe a bit deeper than most others probe. So, here we go.

Our hope is that you’ll speak from the heart, and really think your answers through. There is truly no rush, at all. On the other hand, often simply spitting something out is the best way to say it! In either case, fast or slow, do consider these two sets of questions as just that, two different sets of questions, even though they cover precisely the same information, which is simply who you are and what your story is.

As you’ll see, our questions are very broad. We actually do not set up any specific focus, at all. We are often asked for more targeted guidance, but here is how we respond:

What is MOST important to you?

It really is YOUR story. You can go anywhere with it you like. Don’t worry about getting it right, either. We can return to these questions as many times as we need, in order to work out your story as meaningfully as we can. Also, there absolutely is profound, powerful value in your story, even if you give it no more work or effort than simply answering the questions, all at once, without any pause. Your first reaction, all in a single flow may hold power sometimes missed by slower, more careful work.

As you get set to write, it may help to consider the three Time Frames we’ve engaged, in creating our questions. We’ve used a slightly altered order from what you’d normally expect. Here’s our special order:

  1. Past
  2. Future
  3. Present
You’ll see this sequence of time frames again, in the next set of questions we offer. Here it is again, in one more way to ask:

What Has Been. Will Be and what is important about your life and work in your Past, your Future and your Present?

(Note: please save a copy of anything you write to your hard drive before pressing the submit button. This will ensure your work is not lost should there be any problems with the website or your internet connection.)

Your Story’s First Pass

1. Where have you been. so far in your life and work?

2. Where are you going; what direction is your life and career driving toward?

3. How will you get there?


We will return a copy of Your Story’s First Pass to you by e-mail.

If you find yourself inspired, having come this far, and wish to dig in deeper, click below to start working on your story’s second - more in-depth - pass.

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You may be 100% assured of our absolute confidentiality in respect to any all the information you share with us about yourself. At this web site we never share e-mail addresses, or any other information about our guests and subscribers, ever; and we never will.

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