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Your store's second pass

Thank you for the outlines and depth of your story as you shared it in your first pass. Now, we’re going to dig in deeper still. We’ll flesh out your story further.

We’ll do that by employing some very specific structure for each Time Frame you described above. We’ll stick with the same order: Past first, Future second and Present last. But this time we’re going to layer in two additional categories – Judgment Frames.

A judgment requires a differentiation, a selection, if you will.

The best way to map that out is in what they call “binary form? in computers and mathematics. All that means is that we’re only going to deal with two things at a time. In computers, as you probably know, all numbers are built up from just two numbers: 0 and 1. When they map these out in what are called “logic gates? or circuits, they turn into the two English words “On? and “Off?.

In the Orient they talk about Light and Dark, a lot, and also Male and Female. The two ends of any continuum will work as well. In setting up our Judgment Frames, we’re going to use the words “Good? and “Bad?, but in reverse order: Bad first, Good second.

It’s interesting that just as we almost always say “past, present and future?, in that order, when you just say these two words, “good and bad?, they pretty much always come out that way, in that order, too. But, we’ll employ our reversed order, even if saying it that way, “bad and good? is a bit awkward! Honest, we have our reasons.

What we do with these Judgment Frames, in our order, is place them inside each of the three Time Frames we used before. The way it works out then is that we have six boxes flowing from our combination. The first is Past Bad, and the second box is Past Good; then Future Bad and Good, followed by Present Bad and Good, to conclude our structure. Actually, we have a one-word label we use for each of the six areas, in order, that turns into the acronym: FSTOPS™.

Last thing here, you’ll see that question 6 flows from and is tied directly to your answer for question 5. In all other areas, 1 – 5, do please try to find new subjects to focus on, new areas to explore in answer to these first questions. Ready? Here we go:

(Note: please save a copy of anything you write to your hard drive before pressing the submit button. This will ensure your work is not lost should there be any problems with the website or your internet connection.)

Your Story’s Second Pass

1. Failure/Regret

Looking back over just the past few years, what Dissatisfaction, Disappointment or maybe even Failure, if any, can you describe?

If you’d be willing to share it, what was actually the worst Failure you experienced?

If possible, the emotion we’re looking for is real Regret, even if you try hard not to feel that emotion. Sometimes we must find regret in order to learn. Regret wakes us up, and can lead to true change. At the deepest level, over our worst failures, the most horrible emotion attached is True Shame. Do you carry anything quite as heavy and horrible as real shame?

If, on the other hand, you’d like to focus on the lesson or lessons you’ve learned from your failure we love to hear about that. And, if the word “Failure? is a bit tough for you, perhaps you might find a disappointment or a dissatisfaction, but, please, try to focus on those dissatisfactions you felt over your own performance, not that of others?

2. Success/Pride

Still remembering the Past, what was your greatest and grandest, most telling and powerful Success?

Try to find just one, if possible, and one where you feel true and profound Pride. But big and grand can mislead, so let us also ask our second question like this: Which Success of yours, what accomplishment tells us the most about you, and no matter how small or unimportant others might find it, means the very most to you, even all the way down to your very identity, ego, and self-concept?

3. Threat/Fear

In the coming weeks, months, even years, imagining you had a perfect crystal ball, and that you could wisely forecast the worst possible obstacles before they hit you; what Threat would you see?

If there was just one thing you could make sure would not happen, what thing would you prevent? The emotion here is that of Wise Fear.

What does your best and strongest self most wisely fear?

4. Opportunity/Desire

Flipping your view of the future to the positive, what is the best thing you can possibly imagine? What is the one Opportunity you’d do virtually anything in order to fulfill?

We’re looking for your biggest, brightest, best – even most outlandish – dream. The emotion we’re looking for is Burning Passionate Desire, or as close to that as you can find. What one thing, in the future do you want the most, more than anything else?

You might even go down one or more layers deeper. What direction would give your life and your work, even your existence, true meaning?

Too deep? Okay, what would you (figuratively speaking) just kill for?

5. Problem/Anger

Coming now to the immediate present, what is the greatest challenge, the most intransigent and largest Problem confronting you – RIGHT NOW?

What gets your goat? What irritates and annoys, pesters and bugs you? What resists your every effort, fighting back no matter what you do?

The emotion here is Anger, certainly; or Frustration or even Anxiety. The deepest and largest is Pure Undiluted Rage. With so many of us acting out of Road Rage as we drive, we must admit more of us have such powerful pain than we tend to realize.

If you could have but one resolution, what area would you target it, in order to have the largest impact upon your present? Would you like to go small rather than large? Awesome. What little pesky thing, if you could only move it just a tiny bit, might really make your day better?

6. Solution/Joy

Focusing in on that one Problem, from question 5 above, what Solutions have you considered or might you imagine?

Do you already know the Solution, or do you need to find something you are not aware of, yet? Emotionally, try to picture the flooding sense of Relief and Joy that flows from nailing the Solution to your Problem.

If the Problem you found was deep enough, then find the actual Sense of Deep, Inner Peace and Rich Fulfillment that calms your heart, and soothes your thoughts. What is the best thing you can imagine taking place right now, to obliterate the limitations and frustrations holding you back?


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